Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to quit Nail and Cuticle biting.?

I can not remember a time where I didn't bite my nails. I've tried many things. I currently get acrylics put on and I still tear away at my cuticles with my teeth, clippers, paperclips, anything I can get my hands on. I also separate the real nail from the fake one and tear away at that too. What are some meathods to stop this disgusting and painful habbit??How to quit Nail and Cuticle biting.?
well for the biting i tried ';No Bite'; from wal mart.

its just a like a clear polish and it tastes so awful you will put your fingers to your mouth and it will remind you not to bite your nails and eventually you will stop. it took me about 4 months of use and then i just didnt bite my nails anymore.How to quit Nail and Cuticle biting.?
Perhaps wearing gloves might help.
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