Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chewing nails and cuticles?

I chew both my nails and the cuticles. They look bad and dry. I can't even really paint my nails. My mom doesn't know where to go to get them done, and my mom doesn't want to go to a normal salon because the beauty school my sister goes to doesn't teach how to cut cuticles. Help?Chewing nails and cuticles?
first just a lil education: you dont cut cuticles you think your nails look bad now cut your cuticles and they will look even worse....some ppl think that if they cut their cuticles that will make their hands look neater...well i'm here to tell you it will however make you continue to get them are prone to all types of infections and disease if you do this....its not cute or attractive to cut your cuticles....anyone in the nail industry knows this and some states its illegal but ppl still want it done....i cant figure that out for the life of me....anyways get regular manicures(and if your sister is going to school then go there so she can have someone to practice services on)and if the school she is attending doesnt teach cuticle cutting then chances are its illegal where you are.....that's a GREAT push back your cuticles NEVER EVER cut!!!!!Chewing nails and cuticles?
put a rubber band on your hand and everytime you bite your nails/cuticuls flick yourself with the rubber band. This is how i stopped biting my nails.
well you probably want to put vinigare on your nails so when ever you start to chew on them you will stop because it taste disgusting
I hope you realize how filthy, nasty and dirty your hands are while chewing on them! I'm not being ugly or anything, but in this day and time, there is so much disease and so many germs floating about, how could you ever put your fingers to your mouth?

Try to stop this bad habit at once, buy some amlactin lotion (walgreens and cvs have it), and start being kind to your hands!

Give your hands time to heal and then go to a nail technician. Best of Luck!

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