Saturday, January 23, 2010

My hands are extremely DIRTY!!! Literally. My cuticles are black, as are my nails. Tips on cleaning?

Today I picked tomatoes from 7-3 in a hot, swampy, muddy field. At the end of it all, my hands were literally black! (I'm a white person). My right hand is several shades darker than my left, since that's the hand I picked with. My cuticles are black, and my nails are black underneath. The surface of my nails even has dirt ingrained in little lines - the nailbed is yellow. That's how dirty my hands are. I've washed them repeatedly, scrubbed them with several exfoliants, used a pumice stone, washed my hair, swum in a pool, dipped them in hydrogen peroxide....nothing is hands are still a greyish brown and my nails are disgusting....HELP!!! I have to go to a more civilized place looking decent and clean tomorrow!My hands are extremely DIRTY!!! Literally. My cuticles are black, as are my nails. Tips on cleaning?
Get you a bar of Lava soap, most grocery stores carry it...My hands are extremely DIRTY!!! Literally. My cuticles are black, as are my nails. Tips on cleaning?
well, you can try dish detergeant--that's pretty good for getting things clean. try soaking your hands in hot (not uncomfortably so) water, like a bath or something. for your nails, cut them shorter so it's easier to get deep down in there, and scrub them with a scrub brush and soap. good luck!
My grandpa, a lifetime vegetable farmer, taught me to finish up by choosing an over-ripe tomato and smush it up in your hands and wash with that. It's good for removing the tomato stains.
Buy a bottle of Dawn Foam dish detergent and let some of it stay on your hands for 15 min. Then put on some water and scrub with a brush.

A good treatment with shampoo will also do a good job.
Soak them in Epsom salts to loosen the dirt. Scrub them well and take a shower, shampoo your hair, that should help.
a good home made scrubber is mix raw sugar with lemon juice,
As a former cosmetologist and make up artist, I think I can help you. First of all, apply a liberal dose of moisturizer and let it soak in a bit. If you have a face soap called Cetaphil, all the better. Put it on a little heavy and rub it in and wait about 15 minutes. Using a nail brush, one of those little brushes for scrubbing your hands and nail beds, wash with a liquid dish soap in warm (not hot or cold). You may have to do this more than once. What has happened, is your hands have ABSORBED the grime and dirt and sediments from the tomatoes and environment you were in. If you hydrate your hands with lotion, it will help to remove the discoloration. If that doesn't work, you can try some lemons, squeezed and applied to your hands with some lotion, let sit for 15 minutes and remove with some hand soap. The lemon acts as an acid to help remove the discoloration and the lotion will help bring the dirt up where it can be washed away. You can even put lotion on your hands and cover with plastic gloves and go to bed, and in the morning, try and remove any remaining dirt that might be present, if any is actually left. This really should remove the discoloration and filth from your hands enough to be presentable. Hope this helps you! Good luck!

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