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I have a problem with biting my nails...and the cuticles around them. Its goten really bad. Help me please!?

Do any of you know what I could do to just leave them alone? Besides reapplying band-aids on every finger every morning? I tried seeing the doctor and he gave me some lubriderm but it only made my fingers greasy and I couldnt even turn a door knob!I have a problem with biting my nails...and the cuticles around them. Its goten really bad. Help me please!?
I had a very big problem with biting my cuticles and the skin round them, like a nervous thing or something. Everything my doctors gave me didn't work either. So I decided to have fake nails put on at a salon. Just short ones. The way that the nails feel make it hard to pick which would then cause me to bite. They make your hands look so pretty that you won't want to mess them up by biting. It worked for me at least and in just one week the skin and cuticles have cleared up from all the scratches and so forth that I had. My hands look pretty again.

Try it and see how it works for you.I have a problem with biting my nails...and the cuticles around them. Its goten really bad. Help me please!?
current studies show nail biters are lacking in calcium. unless you think it might be a nervous disorder try increasing your calcium intake -- too easy huh?
Fake nails work but if you want to heal up the cuticles and prevent furthur biting try liquid band-aid. It puts an invisible coating over the sore and taste terrible so prevents you from biting more. I have tried every hand cream on the market to prevent the rough cuticles but nothing works.

Putting polisporin on a band-aid and applying overnight also helps healing. The liquid band-aid is the best solution I could find. Good luck
An easy ';Cure all'; would be to think of all the nasty jobs you do a day with your hands, and all the nasty germs that get under your fingernails, and the crap that is going in your mouth when you in turn bite your nails!! Nothing like scrubbing the toilet, then sitting down and munching out on those ol' fingernails afterwards!! Yummmmmmm!!!! Will power is what it takes. Whenever I wanted to bite my nails, I'd sit on my hands, or get up and start moving. Helped me!! Good luck!! :)
Go to the drug store..........It might be Sally Hansen but I am not sure there is a polish you can apply that tastes so for nail biters!
I had the same problem when I was younger. They do have nail polish that you can put on that tastes horrid. Its really bad and you would remember EVERY time to leave your nails alone. Not sure where they still sell it, but i'm sure you could find some on the net somewhere.
This is an instant cure for any cut,pain opening of the skin. Tried and used by generations %26amp; always grab this when skin is injured-the salt from the kitchen. U think it'll hurt, but not so. Please do this after reading if have sore fingers %26amp; cuticles-a soup bowl 1/2 full of warmest water,add a teaspoon of salt %26amp; swish the fingers round in it, duck them down in it %26amp; let soak for 5-10 minutes,remove and pat dry %26amp; put any lotion as a moisturizer to cuticles %26amp; nails, rub it in, try to give the fingers a break for the day by being easy %26amp; slow on the hands.

Meantime go to a big place like walmart, Kroger,K-mart,CVS, %26amp; go to section where nail polish is located %26amp; find on a card a bottle of Stop %26amp; Grow. Apply to nails-daily,tastes horrible %26amp; you'll get them out of your mouth if starting to bite from a nervous habit...I was a horrible nail biter %26amp; stopped completely %26amp; immediately with stop %26amp; grow,$3-$5.00. Never used the bottle up,it broke my habit of nail biting.

Good Luck %26amp; just do it!
I agree with my2cents. That is what I did.
if it's wounded and painful. Try putting hot water in cup or bowl whatever and put some salt in it dip the affected finger(s) in it. Make sure the water is uncomfortably hot. Do that three times a day and watch for improvements in 3 days.
Carry a pair of nail clippers with you . any time you feel the urge to bite your nails use the clippers, instead.
You could always try just wearing gloves
have you tried putting that gross tasteing stuff on the tips of your fingers so everytime you go to chew them you get the bad taste in your mouth. I don't know if you can get it from the chemist or not but it might work
You can buy clear nail polish that is made to help people stop biting. It tastes so nasty that you won't want to put your fingers in your mouth. It worked for me.
my wife bites her nails all the time you could paint some of that yucky tasting varnish on them but my wife uses masking tape instead of plasters as it sticks better and removes temptation after two days the tape comes off file your nails so they dont catch then you have to use your will power not to bite them.
My step-mom has to get fake nails put on to help her keep her nails and cuticles intact. If you put the fake nails on and are still having problems with your cuticles, Bath and Bodyworks has cuticle creams that smooth and soften. Once your cuticles are in good shape, if you feel the need to bite them, you might want to try putting hot sauce (the hotter the better) on your cuticles. There is also something called Bitters that you can put on your cuticles that will keep you from putting your fingers in your mouth.

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