Saturday, January 23, 2010

Picking at nails and cuticles........?

Ok so I know this has been asked in one form or another but everything seems to be related to biting. I don't bite. I pick at my fingernails and my cuticles. I get them down short and my cuticule area is usually red and raw where I pick and scratch at it. I do it when I'm bored or nervous. Yes I know it can be a sign of OCD but I'm looking for some simple, at-home remedies or ideas of how to stop. Please don't suggest the nasty polish because I don't bite my nails so I'll never taste it. Thanks in advance!!Picking at nails and cuticles........?
Try painting your nails or wearing fake ones. If worse comes to worst, then wear gloves. You can't pick your cuticles if they're covered! Or maybe just come up with a different habit to do when your bored. Try twidling your thumbs. Or maybe everytime you want to pick at them drink some water. In other words, just come up with something that you can replace scratching your cuticles with.Picking at nails and cuticles........?
I have the same problem. I still do it from time to time, but what really helps is to get your nails done up all pretty. Cuticles pushed back and maybe even some fake nails. It stops me for about a week, then I'm at it again.

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