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I bite my cuticles and skin around my nails A LOT! Help?

Ok. I have done it for like 2+ years. I do it until it hurts and bleeds. I used to bite my nail, I still rarely, but my cuticles are the victim. I've tried nail polish and tabasco sauce, no good. I've recently started tape but it takes too much effort and it looks weird. People always ask me why my fingers are bloody and I just make an excuse. Recently I have been telling them I have an addiction. I really want to stop. Normally, it's sub-concious, I don't notice when I'm doing it. When I do, I stop, but normally in 2 seconds I'm back at it. Sometimes I do it because I feel that my fingers are disgusting with a piece of skin jutting out and I have to take it off, but then I just make more skin jut out. I also seem to do it when I am bored. I can't get into gum chewing, not a fan of it. I know there are dieseses(sp?) but that dosn't help. Please, put serious answers, no ';EWWWW'; nonsense. Thank you.I bite my cuticles and skin around my nails A LOT! Help?
my babysister have same problem and it used to drive me crazy . so one day i took her to salone where they try their best to drim her fingers tip then had them to stick soem fake nails for her. with super glue that kept the nails for week by the end of the week her finger tips healed using the mositurizer with vitamin they gave her to use and she got used to how pretty her nails and fingers and hand looked with she had long nails and she quit since . now she has longer naisl than mine and we exjcjange tips about keeping them storng in good shape and good color and hwo to make nail polish last longer:)

for furtire notice if it worked for u , brush ur nails with same toothpaste u using for ur teeth woudl keep them clean and strnghthen them. warm olive oil and lemon makes ur nails so stong and ur skin around it so even and soft. to make ur nail polish lasts longer use transpernt layer under any color u woudl apply .

GOOD LUCKI bite my cuticles and skin around my nails A LOT! Help?
me too. :( but i don't bite my cuticles i bite the skin around it and pull it off and scratch at it and clip with finger nail clippers. and that bad tasting liquid works for like 2 seconds and then goes away.
Working in the salon business for many years I learned one thing. Your nails are the #1 dirt est thing in the world. They are like sponges and hold on to every bit of bacteria. do those cuticle taste now?
put nail polish on that tastes realllyyyyyy bad that u cant stand it and u dont bite ur nails.
Try clear nailpolish that has a taste when you bite it. It tastes HORRIBLE (my sister has tried it) and you will never bite your nails with it on.
Sounds like you have a obsession with your cuticles and skin around the fingernails. You should try out for a manicure at the salon, and use your 'INNER STRENGTH' to leave your fingernails alone, from more grief and privy eyes will ask you Q's...Keep yourself busy from being bored that you have to look at your nails...A friend of mine had this problem, she tried putting her fingers in a bowl of dishwashing soap for 10 minutes, about an hour later she started to bite her nails and spat out in digust of the taste of the dishwashing soap...She now has awesome nails ever....

Again someone above mentioned that your fingernails do pick up germs and who knows what else. Stay away from biting your nails at once! Don't want to see you get sicker, should you pick up a virus?

Good luck mi amiga!
I doo this too - I have lovely long nails and massives sores at the side. I have noticed though for the first few days after a professional manicure I do it less though . Make sure you mositurise your hands alot as well - I have hand cream on my desk at work and use it 5/6 times a day
I have dry cuticles that peel %26amp; are dry %26amp; scale. I have found that pushing my cuticles back %26amp; painting my nails with a clear nail polish helps.
try cuticle oil to actually remove them, and either you'll stop, or when you do it they wont bleed?...
Have you ask your doctor help take care this. he know what you need. IT be good ask him .I try there before put some thing on make you so very sick and might get very bad infection........that be real bad......
There's a type of liquidthat tastes HORRIBLE and if you bite your nails after you apply it, trust me, you will NEVER want to bite your nails/cuticles again!

Good Luck! :)
I bite my nails and cuticles NOT STOP! Its a habit...but i dont really care...i can stop i have a lot but i just like it...Hope this helped!
nailpolish. coat the stuff on. alllll over. but like, do it over the weekend or sometime when not a lot of people are going to see it cuz u dont wanna be like ';HEY LOOK AT MY CRAPPY NAILPOLISH JOB!!! but dont worry!! im just trying to stop biting my nail/cuticles!!';
How about going for a proper manicure? Once your cuticles have been treated correctly, they won't feel so annoying.

Ragged cuticles are very annoying, and hangnails catching on things make them feel odd and annoying enough to yank or chew right off!

I used to pick at my cuticles myself, but when I started to take better care of my hands and nails, I no longer had the need to do it.

Don't forget to use a good hand lotion or cream. Use at bedtime so it has overnight to soak in, and moisturise those dry and itchy cuticles. Another said use a cuticle cream, that too might help a lot.

Good luck, and I wish you wonderful hands and cuticles.
I used to that a lot, and it's also become sub-concious for me now. But my friend said she puts correction-fluid on itso she wouldn't bite them, but it doesn't work for me. Try it if it doesn't work, then you've gotta try hard to stop, they used to tell me that i will get fungus if i keep doing it, and it scares me. And I try as hard as possible to stop. And i don't do it often. Put any disgsting thing you hate on it.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww u little emo! get help! therapy........shrink anything!

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