Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to repair damaged cuticles and nails at home?

my hands are so gross they are dry and my knuckles are fat and my cuticles are frayed and my nails are choppy and peeling. im not a girly girl sometimes i slap on purple or blue nail polish and i do use lotion and hand scrubs and stuff but nothing works because i have a really bad thing (not sure what it is called) when your hands get really really dry and start to crack (it sounds like just dry hands but the doctors said it was something worse) help please its gross!!! points best answer and plz check out my other question!! thank you lots!!!How to repair damaged cuticles and nails at home?
I know how you feel. It hurts when they crack :S You really need to moisturize. A good time is at night before you go to bed and after washing your hands. If you have to wash dishes etc. use gloves. I know Burts Bee's makes an awesome body cream (you can find it in the natural section of grocery store) I prefer to use natural ingredients whenever i can. Jason Naturals also has great creams. Another thing you can try (dont laugh) wrap saran wrap around your skin and leave for atleast 20 minutes (with no creams on your hands). It helps keep the moisture in. Good luck. You could also go see a dermatologist.How to repair damaged cuticles and nails at home?
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