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My 10 year old daughter bites her nails and cuticles until they bleed. I don't know how to get her to stop.?

Any tips? She is adhd and a stressball. She says she cant stop,what can I do to help? Thanks!My 10 year old daughter bites her nails and cuticles until they bleed. I don't know how to get her to stop.?
a spankenMy 10 year old daughter bites her nails and cuticles until they bleed. I don't know how to get her to stop.?
My daughter also has ADHD. Before she was diagnosed and placed on medicine, she chewed on everything. Plastic, paper, pencils, her headboard on her bed. She would chew her nails until they bleed and got infected. We tried everything to get her to stop ..rewards, punishments, bitter nail polish, nothing worked.

What has worked is medicine and working on raising her self confidence. Currently she is on Concerta and it has done wonders. She is finally able to concentrate and this has helped to reduce her anxiety. Her teacher this year is also really big on self confidence and that has helped tremendously too.
This might be a little much for a 10 year old, but I'm 24 and I finally stopped biting my nails and the skin around my nails after I had acrylic nails put on. It is impossible to bite your nails and the skin with those nails on. I had them on for a few months and by the time I got them taken off, the habit had been broken.

You can get nails put on that aren't the huge, long, clunky ones. Maybe if you just get short ones put on and have them rounded it'll be less noticable that your 10 year old has fake nails.

And if you did decide that this is acceptable for your daughter, then definitely make sure you have a professional put them on. The ones you put on yourself pop off so quick.
You can try the no bite nail polish that everyone else is suggesting, but it may not work. I have used it on my 8 year old because she still sucks her thumb and she will either just suck it off or wash it off like crazy. That nail polish works on younger kids but the older ones know how to get rid of it. There may be some other issues that you should talk to a doctor about. They can probably give her some kind of medications for stress and anxiety until she grows out of it. The meds do work, they should relax her. Good Luck.

My sister in law did not quit biting her nails until she was 24. She was taking medical classes and they were telling how all of the bacteria and funguses that are under you nails including germs that you think you have washed off but are still there from like raw meats and things. It scared her right out of it.
Some of that NO-BITE nail polish.

Let her get acrilic put on top of her real nails, not long nails but kinda thick, just enough so she can't bite her nails anymore. My Mom let me get my nails done when I was12 hoping that I would stop my nail biting. They were short and a light pink color but they DID make me stop biting my nails. I'm 26 now and no longer bite my nails but I do still bite my cuticle if I don't have my fake nails on lol!
Obviously, the nail-biting is a stress reliever to her. Can you find something more acceptable for her to bite (or manipulate, like a wad of Silly Puddy) when she gets anxious?

You could use one of those awful taste things for her nails like others have suggested, but it seems like she needs some sort of a healthy outlet for her stress.
There is a polish type that you can put on an around the nail, which tastes nasty. Don't worry, it is safe. If this does not work, there is another type. It is called Apple Bitter or Bitter Apple. It is actually used for dogs, but can be used on humans. I have a friend that the polish did not work, however the Bitter Apple worked. The polish is easy to find at the local Drug store. The other is only found in pet stores. Pet Smart, Pet Co... etc. I really hope this helps.
how bout whenever you catch her biting her nails you give her a stick of gum to chew. maybe she can direct her energy to chewing.

just a thought.

lots of people put there stresses into gum chewing. it's easier, neater, painless, affordable and accessible until change comes.

worked with mine, and she would bite even her toe-nails.
I told my 16 yr daughter ..show me growth at least to the top of the finger and we will get you _______ ( her case a prom dress)

she did it, she got it. Then I went further fake nails ..but they drove her nuts we had to get them off. My ten yr old doesnt do it ..she tried to fake it for a prize too ..but I didnt fall for her made up ( get me a gift too) OCD nail biting stunt. I just ignored it
They have some kind of polish you can put on there that tastes awful. It works.
paint them real nice so she wouldn't want to mess them up. Also coat it with clear bad tasting nail polish on top.
im 11 and i still bite my nails what's wrong It that????????
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