Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to remove finger nails cuticles?

you can buy a cuticle cutter at wal mart or wal greens for a couple bucks in the manicure supply section (by the clippers, tweezers).How to remove finger nails cuticles?
Go to your pharmacy. Purchase a bottle of cuticle remover and an orange stick. When home, apply the remover over the cuticles and Wait a few minutes. this simply seems to dissolve the skin and the orange stick is used to shape the outline. Cuticle remover is a great ';secret'; that all men should be aware off.How to remove finger nails cuticles?
apply removing cream, then take a cuticle stick or something simlar.. then push the cuticle down so it goes.

Thats what i do anyway xx
Never cut yr cuticles. Get an orange stick and push them down then apply moisturiser
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