Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have a bad habit of bitting my nails and cuticles how can I stop?

You can try the over-the-counter polishes they have. These polishes taste nasty so when you begin to start biting your nails you immediately stop.

Or get your nails professionally manicured. You'll love the way they look so much that you won't want to ruin them by biting.I have a bad habit of bitting my nails and cuticles how can I stop?
put nail polish on ur nails or fiber nail polish makes ur nails grow and it tastes discusting so u can tell when u need to get ur fingers out of ur mouth go to drugstore to find. or put fake nails on always works for meI have a bad habit of bitting my nails and cuticles how can I stop?
now that is a bad habit but you can stop it just try something different to do i hope you can stop biting your nails cuticles as it is not good for you it is a bad habbit you have to change
hey even i still cant stop. i so badly want to have long nails but i just bite them off :( it destresses when studying
put something like hotsauce or soap in your nails, it tastes nasty...then you might not want to do it so bad, just don't think about doing it. keep your hands busy...
If none of the other answers you have gotten help. Have your teeth all pulled out, it is impossible to do it with false teeth.
If you can visualize the thousands of germs imbedded under your nails that are crawling around, that will undoubtedly be in your mouth after you bite them, you may stop.

If that visual doesn't work, try some hot pepper spray.
Easiest and simplest way is to wear gloves...
rub ginger on your fingers--feels weird but worked like a charm for me. also i heard getting a really good manicure (a professional one) will prevent you from spoiling your neat nails. if you don't like your nails long, then just have them leave a little trim of your nail at the ends (instead of claws or talons)
Put duct tape around them that way you can't bite them.
by putting idk on them
You can either get fake nails or buy that nail polish that tastes nasty.
I had this problem for many years. I finally figured out that nearly all the biting was happening while sitting at my desk at work.

I now keep a nail clipper in my desk drawer. When I feel something jagged I just trim it on the spot. You'd be surprised that you no longer have an interest in biting nails if they are smooth. I've also found I get less hangnails now too.

Good luck and thanks for asking such a personal and potentially embarrassing question!
they have this nail polish at cvs it tastes sooo nasty i tried it before and it worked..i forget what its called but its to stop you from biting your nails
one way to look at is ,just imagine the little bugs and parasites that are under your nail and how sick they can make you...little poo poo bugs ewwwww
me too. i also crack my knuckles and pop my fingers...

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