Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I soften the cuticles around my nails?

without having to go to a manicuristsHow do I soften the cuticles around my nails?
Yeah, soak your hands. Maybe put Vaseline on your hands at night and sleep with socks on your hands. That keeps my skin soft ..and my hands warm!How do I soften the cuticles around my nails?
put your hand in some water like when you taking a bath or washing your hands
There are some good cuticle creams on the market that either come in little tubes or jars. You can look at any drugstore and find a good one. Sally Hansen is one good brand. Almay has one, too.
Cuticle oil is good, but I prefer Mary Kay's extra emollient night cream.
cuiticle oil works sooooo good
soak hands in warm sudsy water, then apply cuticle oil (mineral oil) found at sally's beauty supply, then massage cuticles and push back with orange stick, also available at Sally's beauty suplys, extra skin can be trim but you are better off getting a manicure and letting a professional do it, good luck!
Soak your hands in warm to hot water
Soak your hands, one at a time, for ten minutes in warm water. Then rub some hand cream on the curticles and gently push the cuticle back, best with a utensil made for same. After again rub in hand cream. Do this once a week and see the difference without going to a manicurist.
cuticle oil.
go to my mom she does nail

lol jk

well she always uses cuticles oil or lotion

if dont dont have either

warm water works just fine too
go buy a can of Curtis' cuticle hand creme. works amazing.

[[and that's the correct spelling...i think.]]
moisturize it often, you can use any conditioning.
heat up olive oil in the microwave for 20 secs to make it warm

not boiling and soak your finger tips in the oil for a few min

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