Thursday, January 21, 2010

A question about your nails and cuticles.?

I push my cuticles back every day soak my hands in milk and honey, use lotion. try not to pain tmy nails much but if i do its french maicure. Okay any ways. my nails grow to be about a half inch and i want them to be longer and if i try to let them grow longer they break off, It makes me really mad haha. And I have tried sally hanson hard as nails. I have tried using super gule and krazy glue on the inside of my nails so they dont break. It worked for awhile. But im tired of reapplying it everyday because it just chips off. Any ideas tips of help will be greatly useful thankss muchh %26lt;3A question about your nails and cuticles.?
half an inch seems pretty long to me specially since they are real nails...i have real hard nails and they grow so long..and i get lazy to file them so i just clip them all off...lmfao right down...when i get overly be honest i liked them as a teen but now they kind of annoy me....ya anyways...whats wrong with half a inch...any longer then that would seem witchy to me...haha..i dont think there is anything you can do to make your nails grow harder...except the things you are already trying....if your nails are breaking on their own at that point...they probably arent ment to go any longer...A question about your nails and cuticles.?
Don't do the glue anymore. If you want, you can try finding a manicurist that does silk wrapping. All they do is lay a thin layer of silk on your nail and buff it up with maybe a clear coat. This will help strengthen your nail and help keep them from breaking so that they grow. Good luck, hope this helps!!
the nail glue has weakened your nails. lay off glue for 2-3 months for them to grow out.

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