Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do you bite your nails and pick your cuticles?

How do you stop?!?!Do you bite your nails and pick your cuticles?
Yes I do both. I've tried but I think it's because I don't have the patience. Plus it's a nervous habit that I picked up from my father. My sis-in-law was able to stop, she just started taking care of her nails everyday, making sure they were well filed, trimmed, cuticles soft and push back. I've done this before too, but like I said, don't have the patience so the idea of taking care of them gets pushed aside.

I know there are nail polishes designed for this and taste awful. Although I've never tried them, I read somewhere, I think this website, someone with a bad habit was able to get used to the taste of this polish and they still continued biting them. Even regular nail polish I still bite through, including black, that's what color I usually do. And yes it does get stuck to your teeth, it's horrible...I just check a mirror and make sure I don't have any in my mouth, or around it. Any color can do this, and any brand.Do you bite your nails and pick your cuticles?
buy bad tasting nail polish and wear a little bandaid around your worst finger(s).
I do bite my nail...or i should say i did

I went to wal-mart and purchased a sally hensen product.. you put it on your nails and it taste awfull and it stays on for a while.

She also has a cuticle cream it's make you cuticle soft, it makes harder to pick at them. My nails look lot beter... but it took about 2 weeks.
Keep putting lotion on your hands that way when you go to bite your nails you will taste the lotion?? Might work.

Good luck!
I took up smoking. I still bite my nails, but that's only when they aren't even, or when they break and I don't have nail clippers. But since I took up smoking, I stopped biting my nails. Now I need to find a habit to quit smoking. LOL

You can try dipping your hands in a powder. Baby powder, Goldbond, or even Tinactin, the athletes foot spray. Or you could try fresh cut onions. Something you can't stand the taste or smell of. Usually you'll smell something on your hand before you'll taste it when you go to bite your nails.

Once you stop one habit, you pick up another!!
one of the most common things to do is to wrap yors fingers with bandages. also, go to sally girl and get a nail strngthener, it's in clear. this will make the nail tougher and harder to bite. so the struggle won't be something you'd want to try and do usually.
Yes! I do bite my nails and its just a hibit and i get in trouble because everybody says its nasty but when i get nerves i just start bitin my nails! There is a cure for it and you can go to the parmast and get some finger nail stuff or you could save your money and use some vingure from your own cabnit ..
No Bite. Its a wonderful, cheap product that you can buy from Sally's Beauty Supply. Its a clear polish that you just apply when you need, but it has a very weird smell that you should be very concerned about putting it in your mouth. Its not harmful like a polish if you do tend to bite them and swallow-GROSS! As for your cuticles, you must be picking at them because they are dry. Try Solar Oil or Solar Balm from Creative Nail Design. Its a little costly but works the best. You can buy it at nail salons or maybe at your Sally's. If this doesnt work- Try hot sauce!!
I don't do either.
cut your fingers off
yes I was in your shoes just a couple months ago, but my nails and cuticles were so bad I had tto go to the doctor and they said go to the drug store and buy this nail polish called pucker and it is so bitter and sour you will never bite your nails again.
black nail polish...who wants it to chip and stick to their teeth

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