Saturday, January 23, 2010

Y R my cuticles super thick; finger nails have vertical ridges; thumbnails have horizontal bumps & bubbles?

About a year ago, my cuticles and fingernails changed dramatically. I have always had tendancies towards horizontal bumps in my thumbnails and fingernails that would sort of curl down in places...but there have been long periods of time where they were long, beautiful and perfect. But a year ago, they started getting thick vertical ridges, some even splitting vertically. My thumbnails now have thick and thin places that seem to come from horizontal bumps...they are really weird. I also have these bubble like things in one thumbnail that actually peels in the middle of it, and a vertical ridge in the same spot can even cause it to split vertically in the middle of the nail. I must have some deficiency or something. Perhaps low thyroid? It has gotten worse...and my cuticles are super thick now and I have less feeling in them. I even have to trim them with clippers because they get so thick all around my nail bed and the sides. I hope someone can tell me what I can do about it!Y R my cuticles super thick; finger nails have vertical ridges; thumbnails have horizontal bumps %26amp; bubbles?
sounds like a fungus. Go to the dermatologist and get it looked at. simple meds could fix. My aunt hadsomethinglike that... not as severe. She got it from gardening without usig gloves. It went a way with meds.Y R my cuticles super thick; finger nails have vertical ridges; thumbnails have horizontal bumps %26amp; bubbles?
Sounds like it could be a deficiency or maybe a side effect from medication.

Also, do you ever get your nails done, with acrylics or other materials? I would do my nails with press ons and acrylics every week and I started to get dips and ridges in my nails.

i have the exact same thing...

let me guess, your cuticles aren't only thick, but extremely dry as well? so dry they crack sometimes and you have to trim them off?

I've always been told its just my eczema and it's actually under the nail in the nailbed. I know that ridges in the nails can mean a deficiency - i think either zinc or keratin from orange vegetables like carrots and red/orange peppers.

i have not yet found a way to get rid of it.

I also take a few corticosteroids for asthma/allergies...i've been on corticosteroids for as long as i can remember, and my nails have also been the way they are as long as i can remember.

So, i don't really have an answer for why it's happening...but if you have eczema/psoriasis and/or you're on corticosteroids, maybe that's it.

What i do to hide it is just file and buff my nails. Right on the bed of the nail. The trick is not filing too much because, like you said, there are thin spots.

sometimes when the thin spots get really bad i get press on nails. I only put glue around the edges of the nail so that i dont run the risk of breaking the thin spot. That at least offers protection because they get VERY sensetive to the touch.

if you find any similarities in my story, let me know. I've been trying to figure this one out too, and doctors have been no help at all.

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  1. yeah, I have the same ridges, and now my nails are starting to split starting at the cuticle, and then it's almost like another part of the nail bubbles up through and forms a hard part. super painful!! I am also on corticosteroids, and I have hyperthyroid. I think it must be connected to that!