Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will olive oil and pushing your cuticles back make your nails grow longer?

Ive been biting my nails since I was 4 and today I decided that I'm going to stop biting them! Will olive oil and pushing your cuticles back really make your nails longer??? and if so tell me howWill olive oil and pushing your cuticles back make your nails grow longer?
I dont recommend Olive Oil. It'll smell funny and there's no need for that. I went to the pharmacy, bought a small bottle of vitamin E oil and I massage that around my cuticles whenever I feel like it. The key isn't the oil (that's merely for moisture), it's the MASSAGING of the nail bed that helps stimulate growth.Will olive oil and pushing your cuticles back make your nails grow longer?
i strongly recommend hair, skin, and nail pills. you can get them at an vitamin store, and they are so good for you. reduces breakouts, makes your hair and nails grow faster, and just generally makes you feel healthier. they smell bad, but are tasteless.
Never heard about the olive oil thing or pushing cuticles back to make nails grow. I've had a nail bitting problem since i was like 7 years old (now 20). It's all about will power. My nails are strong and long right now but when I'm stressed or have high anxiety I mow my nails down so fast its not even right. lol. I also been taking pills to make my nails and hair grow by Avon. I know what it's like but don't get discouraged if you relapse.

*Fight the urge!
Non-sense ! But if you eat well and drink plenty of water, that might help. Everyone's nails grow at a different rate.
im not sure if olive oil will, but i know if you buy plain non flavored jello and make it that should hep yuor nails grow
I don't know about making your nails grow longer, but olive oil really helps moisturize and it makes your nails glow (ok, shine). Pushing back your cutlicles makes your nails look longer, but I don't know if it actually helps to make them grow. Dark nail polish makes your nails appear longer, too (though pearly, pastely colors make your nails look shorter). Hope this helps!
yes it will help also file your nails alittle bit each day it makes them grow long and strong, and put some clear nail polish on, take it off everyother day and reapply it.
well, i don't know about olive oil. but pushing your cuticles back does help. i stopped a few years ago and i've been pushing my cuticles back and my nails are really long now.

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