Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sop biting nails and skin/cuticles around nails????

i have benn biting my nails,cuticles,and skin around nails since i was 5!! please help!! how do i stop!??Sop biting nails and skin/cuticles around nails????
I was just sitting here doing that!!

I have done it since i was 13. I don't know anyone else who does this. I bite the cuticle down to the first bend of the fingers. My thumbs are the worst. They all bleed and are sore. It is a nervous habit, a ';bored'; habit, and a ';driving'; habit!! The ONLY thing i found that has worked is to put fake nails on. (They don't have to be long and goofy looking, they can be super short) Then use lots of lotion during the day. Then at night, get latex gloves and load your hands up with vaseline, or good shea butter, or anything like that. Keep them on over night. After about a week, your fingers will be awsome. (except i bet yours are scarred (red) like mine.) I saw online that it is a sign of anxiety or another underlying problem. They also compared it to the people who ';cut';. I think thats kind of far fetched. But I am so glad to know i'm not the only one!!! Try that for a week. Then once they look nice, it's hard to find a lift in the skin to pick at. Good luck!! I am off to but on my nails. (try broadway nails from walgreens or wal mart, cheap and nice looking)Sop biting nails and skin/cuticles around nails????
They have finger guards and also solution to put on the fingers to make them taste bad. It is an oral fixation you have and the only way you are going to stop is to stop yourself and direct the attention you put into biting your nails and cuticles into something more fun or important. Good Luck!
Also, try getting some hot tobasco sauce and rubbing a tiny bit on your nails. Once you taste it the first time, you won't bite your nails again.
Daily upkeep. Put a fresh coat of clear polish on your nails daily. Keep your nails filed and trim your cuticles. Put cuticle oil and hand lotion on nightly. I always start to gnaw when my nails get dry, out of shape and raggedy at the edges. Carry around chewing gum so you can pop some gum n your mouth when you are tempted to chew. Once your nails grow in and cuticles are healed, treat yourself to a professional manicure.

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