Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When painting your nails what do you do to your cuticles?

Like I try to push them back or whatever it is that I've read before that you're supposed to do but they always go back to the way they were before. This makes my nails look strange as the cuticles are still there or are you supposed to use one of those cuticle scrubs? Are there any home-mixes I could use instead of buying one?When painting your nails what do you do to your cuticles?
For a quick and easy manicure, I recommend soaking your fingers in some warm water with a few drops of dish washing liquid to loosen up your cuticles.

Then take what they call an Orange Wood Stick, essentially a skinny piece of wood, with a flat angular edge to gently push back your cuticles.

If you want to make a scrub like the ones you can by in the store, pick up a bag of Epsom salts at the Pharmacy (only $3.99) and some Olive oil. Stir about 2 tables spoons of Oil and 3 tables spoons of Salts and tah dah! You have the same thing that comes in a jar for over $12.

Just massage them gently in to your hands, and wash off. Your hands will look great and feel like silk.

If you do this on weekends when your hands will look awesome each week, and only takes about 15 minutes.

If you plan to put nail polish on, take a moment to use some nailpolish remover on a pad to carefully cleanse the nails, too much oil left on them and the polish will not stick well to the nail.When painting your nails what do you do to your cuticles?
first go to a drugstore (if you dont hae the stuff)

get a tool..theyve got lik mini sciccors and tools to help push them down, really cheap.

walgreens walmart target cvs they allll have em

good luck
I read you're supposed to soak them in warm water and then gently push them away from the nail.
chop them off with an ax.
Cuticles Grow Really Quickly.. You have to push them back away from your nail regulalry
kiss them they must feel left out
Personally, on my thumbs and any other really bad-looking ones, I cut them with a cuticle nipper. There are lotions you can buy that remove your cuticles, you use an orangewood stick or something: cuticle remover. If it's not that bad, just push it back. If you paint your nails, the cuticle may not be able to go back.

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