Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I stop bitting my cuticles and nails?

put some bitter polish so it will remind you. make sure that you have filed your nails too. always remember that when nails have been bitten for the longest time, you'll have terrible nails in the future. see how scary it can be! they will be very thin and won't grow well. always moisturize your hands, it can help.How do I stop bitting my cuticles and nails?
Paint them a pretty color. They will look so good you wont want to ruin them. Nail polish doesn't taste good either!How do I stop bitting my cuticles and nails?
Don't put them in your mouth.
look at all of the stuff in there! Do you know how much germs, dirt, and bacteria is under there? I'm surprised your not sick yet... okay, I'm not trying to be mean but that's how I stopped biting my nails when I was 10... I was scared into not doing it because I noticed how yucky my nails actually were... So, try to do a manicure on them and who wants to mess up a good manicure?
Get acrylic nails. You will love having long nails so much you will let your own grown out. Get manicures every week. You have to re-train yourself.
yeah,get acrylic nails.it will look so nice u wont want to bite.also slow down dont be so nervous and make sure u dont get hungry or thirsty.when u have a blank taste in ur mouth u'll want to bite
They have special that will make them taste bad. If you are female, or males can do it too, get a layer of acrylic over them. you cant chew.
This is what we called HABIT!

You can stop bitting your cuticles and nails by going to the parlor and have the manicurist do what you have been doing.


Health and Beauty Control-It! OMEGA 3 All Natural Fingernail Biting Treatment Seen on WebMD for thumb sucking and nail bitting for beautiful nails and cuticles by Next Step Enterprises, Inc.. The description and photo won麓t divulge the contents... it麓s .25 ounces... that麓s a 1/2 tablespoon. It麓s a one-week supply, according to the company麓s website. The jar is the size of a walnut. It is shipped with a preachy photocopied paper describing how to operate my family life. And instructions for a THREE WEEK program to stop nail biting

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