Thursday, January 21, 2010

What do nail techs think about yucky looking cuticles?

I have a very bad habit of picking my cuticles and the skin around my nails, most of all on my thumbs. (Apparently this is actually some sort of OCD, which doesn't surprise me since it's totally compulsive - I just can't stop.) I would like to start getting my nails done again - I used to get them done and that actually helped me to stop, since my nails were looking nice, and also, I was embarrassed to let the nail tech see them in that condition. But they are so bad now, I can't imagine what anyone who got a good look at them would think. (My boyfriend is constantly telling me to stop and that they look disgusting.) So if there are any nail techs out there, I would especially like to hear from you!What do nail techs think about yucky looking cuticles?
I'm an esthetician/nail tech, and believe me, we don't judge your body/appearance when we perform services like manis/pedis, or body massages, etc.

I've heard a lot of people say they ';can't'; get a massage or some such service because they're too fat/ too skinny, but really, we aren't looking at you like that.

If someone goes to the doctor when they have something wrong with their body, the doctor doesn't go ';ew, rash';. They just treat the problem. It's the same thing for nails techs.

We work on skinny people, fat people, toned people, wrinkly people, people with nail fungus, warts etc, but we just shrug and get to work.

And honestly, when I see someone with raggedy cuticles, I go ';Woohoo, clean up time.'; It makes the job more interesting.

If you're really self-conscious about it, though, you should try to stop doing it! :) If that's impossible, going in for weekly/bi-monthly manicures might help you stop, if you can afford it. (When your hands%26amp;nails look so nice, you won't want to pick at them :) )

Really, I've seen much worse than raggedy cuticles, so please don't stress about it! If you want a mani, just go and get one. :)What do nail techs think about yucky looking cuticles?
they may look bad but don't be embarrassed because trust me no matter how bad yours look remember they have seen worse i'm sure of it!!!!!! try to make a joke about it as soon as they take your hands like ';don't be afraid of them, ha ha, bad habit i know!!';
nahh,,,they see it everyday

plus i dont think its disgusting comparing to other people

like when the nail tech have to clean their feet

hehe im just saying

go ahead and get it done

just give her some nice tip before u leave :)
If they're professional they shouldn't judge.

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