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HELP!!! the skin around my nails is shredding! ive tried cuticle creams and its not helping!!?

the skin around my nails especially around my cuticle area is SHREDDING! i use a cuticle cream every day. Im a massage therapist and my hands are my tools so they must look good! so if anyone can help i would gratly appreciate it!!HELP!!! the skin around my nails is shredding! ive tried cuticle creams and its not helping!!?
A hang nail is when the skin around the nail (it is usually called the cuticle) becomes dry or you notice small tears or splits in the nail plate.

Hang nails can be caused by dryness, nail biting, cutting the cuticle, or from an injury. A hang nail is more unattractive and annoying than a serious problem, but without proper care your hang nails may become infected and this will be painful.

Ways to prevent getting a hang nail is proper nail care. First eat foods that have calcium, iron, vitamin B and potassium. Need ideas? Seafood, dairy products, celery, and soy are rich in these nutrients. Your nails

need these nutrients to help with every day nail care. Proper eating habits will help keep your nails and cuticles healthy and will help prevent you from getting hang nails.

Your nails need water and so does your cuticles, this little tip will help prevent a hang nail. You should drink 8 glasses of water each day to keep your body from dehydrating and yes, that includes your nails. If your nails are splitting or are weak it could be from not drinking enough water.

Your cuticles and nails can become dry and brittle; which can cause a hang nail, during the summer months while you are enjoying the fun in the sun and swimming. Sun and chlorine can make your nails brittle. Remember to use moisturizer after swimming and use sunscreen on your hands. Remember your nails are an extension of your body and caring for your nails is just like the rest of your body. Also using cuticle oil for moisturizing your cuticle will help prevent a hang nail.

To protect your cuticles, and prevent a hang nail, while washing dishes, gardening, or cleaning with any type of harsh chemical remember to wear gloves.

If your cuticles and nails are dry and brittle this can cause a hang nail, do not use perfumed lotions that have alcohol as this will cause the nails to become dry.HELP!!! the skin around my nails is shredding! ive tried cuticle creams and its not helping!!?
sometimes its in the diet.. eat healthy foods and youll notice your skin, nails, hair will appear healthier..
Try applying olive oil to your fingertips; another suggestion may be to actually reduce the amount of moisturizer you apply to your fingers. As a massage therapist, you probably are in contact with TONS of oils, lotions, etc. Combine that with friction, and you may be saturating your skin with weakening oils and then pulling it apart.
Do you always apply hand cream after you wash your hands, and protect your hands when you're going outside, etc? Try putting on a thick lotion and putting gloves or socks on your hands overnight for a few nights (might seem weird but it traps the moisture). Try putting Vaseline on your cuticles, that's what I do and it helps. Just apply rich lotion (body butter, Palmer's cocoa butter, etc) very often, and try the Vaseline trick.
I have this cuticle treatment from Swisa Beauty. Its called SENSATION. It says ';its a rich blend of Natural Treatment Oil';, and on the back,';Penetrates into the dry skin tissue creating a proper oil balance'; It is really amazing. It heals it in the moment.

I bought it, I believe at Dillards about a year ago and I still have a lot. It works like magic trust me! It came all together with a nail treatment.

Good Luck!
Arbonne has a product that is peanut oil based that is great for people with dry skin, scars and dry cuticles. Check it out!

I heard that soaking your nails in white iodine will strengthen them..Wondering about the skin around them hummmmmmmmmm?
apply pure almond oil

surely it will help
Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins and minerals (not on your fingers, you know, like a multivitamin pill)

Mine were doing that once when I was really sick, and my doctor noticed and checked me for a vitamin deficiency. It's one of the earliest signs of vitamin deficiency.

Remember, take your multivitamin with a full glass of water.

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