Saturday, January 23, 2010

Severely cracked nails and cuticles.?


i know i ruin my nails by doing it im trying to break my habit.

Is there anything i can do,,or buy to make my nails stronger and fix my cuticles???

Also when i remove my nail color (dark red) i have it stained on my nails...

is there anyway i can get the stains off and how can i prevent it??

Please %26amp; thanks!


Kaitlynn(:Severely cracked nails and cuticles.?
Dip your fingers in nail polish. It tastes bad, so you will most likely try to stop.

Red nail polish is known for staining, so try pink or something else. Save red for when you need it.Severely cracked nails and cuticles.?
I know it's hard but if you want to fix your cuticles you have got to leave them alone. no picking or biting. trim carefully with a cuticle scissor or trimmer when needed %26amp; keep hand cream on. use base coat under red or dark polish, that's all you need to fix that. remove stains gradually by gently and lightly buffing once a week.

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