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How can i grow my nails out faster? they seem to grow very slowly and i drink A LOT of milk! =] also i kinda bight them but still they dont grow fastly!! also.. how do i get my cuticles to be better. right now they are very crappy and they are all jacked. i need them to get more natural.. any ideas? if any products please not that expensive. thx!! =]]CUTiCLES AND NAiLS!!! HELP PLEASE!!?
I read once that it takes about two weeks to see growth -- so if you are biting your nails at all, you are not going to get them where you want.

I was a nail biter for many years, and I know how hard it is to stop. Here is what helped me:

1. Use hand cream several times a day.

2. Put a tiny bit of olive oil in the palm of one hand and use that on your cuticles. It will both soften and help heal them. Castor oil will also work. Do this twice a day

3. Use clear polish on your nails. A product like Sally Hanson ';Hard as Nails'; is really good -- there are probably other brands, too, but that's the one I know. It makes your nails harder, which makes you more aware of the biting so that will help you stop. Also, it is clear, so it doesn't look bad while your nails are still short.

4. Do not cut your cuticles. When you wash your hands and when you use the oil, gently push the cuticles back with the towel you use to dry your hands.CUTiCLES AND NAiLS!!! HELP PLEASE!!?
For your cuticles I suggest Burt's bee's cuticle cream鈥?/a>

it softens the cuticles and try wearing a clear coat over your nails to curb you from biting them. Once you start caring for them and they become healthy they will grow.
For your cuticles just soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes then get an orange stick and gently push them back. Then if needed trim them with nail clippers, you can buy specially shaped clippers for this and they don't cost much. They're actually really useful and not just a waste of money. Nail hardener helps make your nails stronger, it looks like clear nail polish and you can apply it every few days but don't worry too much about removing old coats as nail polish remover shouldn't be used so frequently anyway. For faster growing nails there's nail growtrh treatments that also look like cler nail polish, I've not tried them but they are supposed to work wonders.
You can get a cuticle softener for about $2 at Walmart.
1. Stop biting your nails!!

2. Get a good manicure. When you spend the money on a manicure and polish, and your hands look nice, you don't want to mess it up by picking and biting your nails and cuticles. Buy matching nail polish so you can touch it up. Have your nails done every week.

3. Get a good thick hand lotion or cream. Use it after every time you wash your hands, and rub it into your nails and cuticles.

4. Wear a thin pair of cotton gloves to bed after slathering lotion on your hands to soften your cuticles.

5. If you think you can't afford a good lotion, use olive oil. But look in the grocery store; you can get a big bottle of good lotion for just a couple dollars if you don't buy a pricey brand name. Put some in a travel bottle for your purse.
There is special nail polish that helps your nails grow faster. You can buy it @ your local drug store. Good Luck
my best suggestion is to take prenatal vitamins. It will make your hair and nails better.
well first, no more biting, secondly milk doesn't make your nail grows faster. try vitamin A,C, and E. try buying a nail pusher, it a metal implement that looks like a lil shovel, and a fine buffer ( small block-like object that's not too rough) soak your nails in warm soapy water for about 3 mins, push your cuticles back with the pusher then buffer them and apply oil ( olive oil will do fine) rub it in and wash your hands with soap and water.
Try vitamin B12 because it helps grown healthy hair and nails....also stop biting them.... use an oil to soften the cuticle every other day to prevent the jagged look.
what ever you do don't waste your money on nail products that says it will help your nails grow faster. It is not possible to do so bbecause your nails are dead cells so whatever you put on your nails will just sit there. As for your cuticles you can try any oil or even some vaseline and a pair of thin cotton gloves to sleep.
either spend a lot of money on a manicure so you wont be tempted to bite your nails and ruin it or get bad tasting nail polish, they sell it you know?

as for my cuticles, sometimes i have periods when every single one has a hangnail. wait about a week and leave them alone, they'll look fine.

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