Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuticle care...Sore red fingers where cuticle meets nail...HELP?

So i use lotion like crazy and always have, but lately the cuticles have been all pushed back...not stuck on the nail like normal. my skin is all red and sore where the cuticle is supposed to connect to my nail. it hurts so bad!. Is is a vitamin deffeicency? What can i do. all fingers hurt...i dont bite, pick or chew.....i need helpCuticle care...Sore red fingers where cuticle meets nail...HELP?
chances are the tool you pushed your cuticles back with was not as clean as it should have been and now your cuticles are infected. Or one of your nails had an infection but by using the same tool you spread it to the other nails. Either way the fix is fairly easy.

1. pour some peroxide into a bowl and soak your finger nails for 10 minutes.

2.wash and dry your hands well.

3. put a small dab of neosporin on each cuticle and cover with a bandade.

4. repeat steps 2 and 3 everyday until your fingers are healed

5. avoid nail polish and removers for a week or so since the skin will still be tender

6. do not mess will the cuticles they protect your nailbed roots from infection when your hands get dirty.
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