Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do I stop nail polish from irritating my cuticles?

Is the fact you are getting pain not a hint, stop wearing it.

Why do people insist on doing something that is painful to thier bodyHow do I stop nail polish from irritating my cuticles?
Don't put it on them. Rather obvious I would have thought.........How do I stop nail polish from irritating my cuticles?
If it is irritating you, just leave a small gap round the edges when you put it on. Alternatively, if it is like a reaction, then try another brand...?
Stop wearing it cause you are allergic to it.
Don't use nail polish. It isn't really essential is it?
You must be allergic to it. Don't wear any.

Look after your nails and your cuticles and you'll have healthy smooth nails all your life. Do not try products to reduce your cuticles or to diminish them. They are essential to the protection of the nail bed and should not be removed.

Feed your nails with the application of natural oils or old fashioned vaseline.

Continue using such products and you could lose your nails and damage the chance of any future nail growth.
Sounds like you have unhealthy cuticle. get a manicure first and make sure they clean and remove the cuticle area well. I just bought a product from Avon called ';Nail Experts Mira Cuticle Advanced Moisturizing Vanishing Complex Antiseptic/Skin protectant';. I know its a long name but it does repair the cuticle area and remove them as well.

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