Sunday, January 17, 2010

I had my nails done and the technician cut my cuticle with the sander. It hurts and is turning pus green.?

What can I do about this? She cut me a few times on more than one finger. It hurts. I continue to use witch hazel and neosporin. Should I be concerned about the cut that is swollen and turning green? It's not that bad... but hurts really bad.I had my nails done and the technician cut my cuticle with the sander. It hurts and is turning pus green.?
This happens to me when I chew off hangnails. It's not that serious its swollen and pus green because you have pus in it. I would squeeze the finger right below where it starts to get green and press upwards, until all the green liquid comes out, and blood starts coming instead. Then place the finger in the hottest water you can bear for as long as you can handle it. Keep putting the neosporin on, but find an antibiotic ointment if you have one. Do this everyday. Go to the doctor only if it gets worse, most nail salons HAVE to clean and sterilize their equipment and after the American Idol lady went on a rampage about it, they've been cracking down on their cleaning. My dad's a doctor and he made me do this all the time when I was younger. It'll get better in a while. But if in a week it hasn't gotten better, go to the doctor.I had my nails done and the technician cut my cuticle with the sander. It hurts and is turning pus green.?
Please go see a dermatologist.

There are a number of bacterial infections that can be acquired at nail salons. It's nothing to play with. Fungal infections for example, can take up to 9 months to go away and only with an oral antibiotic. THis doesn't seem to be your case but you should seek medical attention. Don't get too alarmed but you should check on this and. Without medical attention it could get worst. You don't want to risk it. Please do see a derm and don't go back to that place.
if it's turning green, i would go to the doctor. i don't want to scare you, but very often the tools used in nail salons aren't completely sterilized between uses and you could get a nasty disease from someone else.
Go to the doctor and probably A.S.A.P. You can get very nasty infections from those nail shops, so go and talk to a doctor, theres no reason not to. Anything that turns ';puss green'; should be examined. I hope all turns out fine.
Keep an eye on it. Don't go back..I got my nails done once and the girl cut me and my finger started bleeding and she said it was my own fault haha. It didn't get infected or anything though but yeaah..go somewhere better next time.
Definitely wash your hands WELL with soap %26amp; water, rinse the wound WELL with Hydrogen Peroxide, and keep Neosporin on it (constantly ... bandage it at night). If it doesn't look better by Monday, see your Dr.
You got an infection and you need to go to a doctor now! I'm glad that I do my own nails and I don't want to have the same problem has you!
go to the emergency room.

and sue the company.

thats not good.

it's happened to me and i know how much it hurt.
yu should get this checkedout bya doctor urgently itsounds like you need medication or possiblyinscision %26amp; drainage of your wounds
Doctor! NOW!
talk to the store mgr. and see a doctor. keep the report.
Yes Green!! so infected go to a Dr. asap.

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