Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My nails are cracking and dying from the cuticle to the end of my nail!?

My thumb nail a while ago turned yellow-brown colour and then from the bottom of the nail (neer the cuticle) part of it broke off! now that is happening to other nails too! I don't know what to do! can anybody help!?My nails are cracking and dying from the cuticle to the end of my nail!?
This is onychomycosis (fungal nail infection) It is highly contagious and that is why it has spread to the other nails. It's nothing to be embarrased about as it is really common.

Although you can buy remedies over the counter (Dr Gs and Curanail) these are not as effective as something that a doctor will prescribe you. They also take longer to work then prescription drugs. The best bet is to go and see your doctor.

Try not to worry as once the infection has cleared up (this may take a few weeks) Your nails will grow back healthy again.

Hope this helps xMy nails are cracking and dying from the cuticle to the end of my nail!?
i am a nail tech and i hate to say but i think you have a fungal or bacterial infection. you need to immediatly see your dr..or dermatologist so they can run tests to find out exactly. also you can use pure tea tree oil that can be found over the counter to treat the infection. this will take a lonfer time but will work eventually if the infection is nto to severe. also this needs to be take care of asap...bc this can spread into your blood stream and to all your fingers, toes your familys fingers /toes as well. this is very ddangerous and you need to take care of this immediatly!!
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Sounds odd, I know, but you may have a fungus in your nails that can only bre treated by a physician and meds. Try Sally Hanson, Diamond-Hard as Nails. If it does not work after a few weeks, then I would see the Dr. about a fungi.
buy sum cutical ointment and rub it on ur nail and cutical i use this.. then i use nail hardener varnish its clear works really well and makes ur nail look fab huni
Please go and see your doctor, it could be an infection of the nail bed. Take care.
yellow and brittle nails are signs of fungal infections.... go to a chemist or your GP to get it checked out.
ee go to ur doc he'l giv ya sum ething 4 it

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