Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nail (cuticle) problem?

I have of habit of biting the skin around the sides of my nails.Sometimes I'll peel the skin back too far and it'll bleed.This stings terribly also and I'll have sore fingertips for days.I hate this habit,but I will do it anyways like not paying attention.The thumbs are usually the worst,where I'll pick at them with my index finger...peeling back the dead skin only to rip it off leaving a bright red stinging sore thumb.Is there a way to maintain your nails,and stop the biting and peeling?Nail (cuticle) problem?
Burt's Bees makes a cuticle cream, comes in a small round tin pod. You massage a little into your cuticles and leave it. It's like a really thick petroleum, and has a light citrus smell. Just leave it on all day, it absorbs pretty quickly so you're not greasy, but it doesn't taste good, so you'll not be tempted to chew on it. Small enough to drop into your pocket so after you wash your hands you can quickly reapply....stuff works great and you can get it cheap at most drug and grocery stores, I've even bought it at book stores. AND IT'S CHEAP!Nail (cuticle) problem?
Maybe you could have a manicure to soften the skin around your nails, and also ask for their advice. They will have probably seen loads of people with similar problems and may have something that you can put on which will taste nasty to break the cycle of you biting. You could use a hand cream and have your nails done. You may not want to spoil them then. Good luck x x x

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