Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nail/Cuticle Questions?

I've never had amazing nails but I was wondering how to know if your cuticles are healthy? I have a lot of darkened skin under my nails, which I'm guessing means I have lots of cuticle so I purchased some cuticle cream. However, when applying it, am I supposed to do anything after? Like push the cuticles down? I don't really want to cut them.

Also, I have a pedicure the coming thursday and I feel my nails may not be long enough to work with. How long should nails be before a pedicure and how can I make them grow faster, if that's possible?

Thanks in Advance!Nail/Cuticle Questions?
when using the cuticle cream they have a cream and gel for removal after applying the cream. I usually push them back after applying the cream and gel. But if your going in for a pedicure/manicure. let them do it. lol. Nails don't have to be that long for you to get them. Have fun relax enjoy.Nail/Cuticle Questions?
cuticle oil really works better but since you already have cream it will work apply to cuticle massage an push cuticle bk an ur done this will also help your nails to be healthier

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