Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Toe nail cuticle? Bleeding?

I never payed much attention to taking care of my toenails, i dont even know how. I usually just put nail poilish on them and thats it. Well, i was just removing nailpolish and to apply some new when i noticed on my left foot my cuticle didnt loo kattached and it looked like really light red blood, almost really watery. And i pulled the skin away from the nail a bit and i can see my foot and under my skin. i also noticed dry patches of blood and after i removed the nailpolish there was some white stuff on my nail, it looking like nailpolish but i cant get it off. i think it might be fungi under my nail.

And it doesnt hurt where my skin isnt attached to my nail, i just gross out looking at it. i can even poke it and it doesnt hurt it feels almost normal. idk what to do? plus my toe nails are really dull and feel a bit softish, and easily chip. What can i do about it? Should i see my doctor for further evaluation? what are they going to do about this? Is it serious or minor?

Help please.Toe nail cuticle? Bleeding?
i had the same problem!!

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