Sunday, January 17, 2010

What are nail cuticles & cream ?!?

emr this sounds sad i know lol. but which part of my nails is the cuticle and what do i do with cuticle cream%26gt;what does it do and how do i use it?What are nail cuticles %26amp; cream ?!?
Cuticles are the protective bit of skin that seals around the nail edges, at the base and sides of the nail, and also under the tip of the nail. It is a protective barrier that prevents infection. Cuticle cream is an intensive moisturizer that you can massage into your cuticles for intensive moisturizing. The healthier your cuticles are, the healthier your nail growth will be.What are nail cuticles %26amp; cream ?!?
The cuticle is the little bit of skin that barely overlaps your nail at its base. Unless you have extremely dry cuticles, (very rare), you don't need cream. Also, one last tip, DO NOT ever push your cuticles back, its really bad for your nails and cuticles.
The cuticle is the transparent skin on top of your nail.

The cream helps it from damage, breakage and to just be healthy.
Your cuticle is where your skin meets your nail, if not kept up, it can grow a thin layer of skin up your nail a few centimeters. Cuticule creams help soften the skin so you can scratch it off (it doesn't hurt). It just helps with manicures and makes nail polish look better etc.

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