Friday, January 15, 2010

What are some good tips on nail health and removing cuticles?

If you ask most people to point out their cuticles, they will mistakenly point to the eponychium, which is the layer of skin right above the cuticles which is shaped sort of like a semi-circle. This is also known as the 'false' cuticle. You are correctly referring to the 'true' cuticle.

To answer your question, you can use a cuticle remover to help remove the layer of dead skin on your nails. You can buy this in just about any beauty supply store, or even in some drugstores. But, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Avoid leaving the remover on for too long as it may irritate your skin. Cuticle remover is normally a thick lotion or sometimes a creme.

With the brand of cuticle remover I use, I place a small amount on the cuticles and leave it sit on them for 1 minute. Avoid using your fingers to spread the remover onto your cuticles because it is caustic and can irritate the skin on your figers. Instead, use the tip of the bottle to spread it around. Then, I use a metal cuticle pusher to push them back and remove them at the same time. Be careful when pushing back your cuticles with any type of instrument because the nail matrix - the part from which your nails grow out from, is located right behind your cuticle area. It is not visible, but it is right behind the nail folds and is very fragile by its very nature. Thus, it can be easily traumatized which can result in abnormal nail growth, or if the trauma is severe enough, it may result in permanent nail loss. Though this is rare, it can happen.

I'm not trying to scare you by saying this. I'm only trying to emphasize using care when working around this part of the nail. Just avoid pushing your cuticles too far back, and avoid using too much pressure on this area of the nail and you will be just fine.

After you have completed the process of applying cuticle remover, and you have pushed back your cuticles and removed the excess layers - wash your hands well to get the remover off of your hands. With most cuticle removers, water will neutralize their chemicals, and this is what you want. You don't want to leave it on your nails to dry - that's for sure! While washing your hands, you can use a nail brush to remove any leftover particles of cuticle.

One extra step I normally perform is to use a curette to gently go over the nail and remove any cuticle that has not yet been removed - the stubborn stuff, LOL! You can get these in a beauty supply store. Once again, use this instrument very gently - only applying a very small amount of downward pressure, just enough to remove the remainder of the cuticle on your nails.

Whew. I hope I made sense to you? I just now got out of bed, and am still sooo very tired from a bad night's sleep, so I apologize if this was in the least bit confusing to you. I really need to wake up totally before answering these kinds of questions, LOL!

Good luck!What are some good tips on nail health and removing cuticles?
to get the best health of ur nail

is not to remove ur cuticle..

my instructor in anatomy

said that if ur cuticle

is removed...

the health of ur nail together with the skin

will be in danger

coz, cuticle serves as protector towards the

nail root,if it was removed..

then bacteria will invade causing of infectionsWhat are some good tips on nail health and removing cuticles?
To make your nails grow faster and be stronger, try taking a vitamin called Biotin.

In addition to making your nails healthier, it also makes your skin and hair healthier.

You can find this at your local drug store.

Good luck :)
Don't remove your cuticles. I went to a proffessional, and he told me that it causes an infection.

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