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What is a cuticle? where is it located on ur nail?

Is it that skin that grows on ur nail?What is a cuticle? where is it located on ur nail?
Check out the picture in the link below:What is a cuticle? where is it located on ur nail?
it growrs around ur nail to keep it is betwrreen ur nails nd skin
It doesn't grow on ur nail (that's gross), its around your nail.
It grows at the base of your nail...and if its not pushed back regularly or trimmed by a manicurist it will grow above your nail. It's easy to push back. Sally Hansen makes lots of products for it.
Yeah a cuticle is the skin that grows on your nail and it is at the very bottom of your finger nail.
If you have ever had a manicure it is translucent skin covering the very bottom half of your nail.
It's that clearish skin that grows at the base of your nail. If your cuticle is too ';big'; and smothering your nailbed, oxygen won't get to your nailbed and your nails won't grow out as nicely. Also, if they're too dry and gross, your nails won't be as nice either. It's good to keep them moisturized with a cuticle oil and/or a good hand CREAM (creams are oil based, lotions are water based), and then gently push them back a little with a file (there are actually dozens of different nail instruments that you can use for this) to expose a little more nail. Don't cut them off, at least not too much. They're protecting your nail, too.

PS - just because you put a cream on your cuticles, doesn't mean you have to use the cream on your whole hand. Some people feel greasy on their hands from the thickness of creams. It might even be a better idea to put it on your cuticles before bed.
In human anatomy, cuticle refers to the dead layers of epidermal cells or keratinocytes that produce the horn protein keratin, to the strip of dead skin cells at the base and sides of the fingernail, the eponychium and also to the superficial layer of overlapping cells covering the hair shaft (cuticula pili) that locks the hair into its follicle.
hold ur hand out and look where your nail starts, there should be a little flap of skin like stuff right where the nail starts. thaats your cuticle

heres a pic from google鈥?/a>
Its that white part of skin where the nail and the skin kinds meet. When u get a manicure they usually take it off.
its the skin that grows at the base of the nail, not on the nail! idk what its for though.
Yes it is the skin that grows around your nails.
yes it is the skin that grows on your nail

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