Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Any help for brittle nails and cuticles?

I moisturize but my nails are brittle and the skin around the nail bed is always peeling. Anyone know any good solutions for this prob.? Thanks for the help!Any help for brittle nails and cuticles?
Some of my friends swear by prenatal vitamins. In the old day we drank plain Knox gelatin in juice or tea to strengthen our nails and hairAny help for brittle nails and cuticles?
Vitamin A.

Also, jello is great for nails. Think about it; it's made from pig and/or horse hoofs (nails)!
Absolutely.More than likely by using the most comprehensive nutritional supplement available,over time, this condition will disappear.The nail grows from the nail bed within and requires the total nutrient level of vitamins minerals trace elements picnogenals and more in order to be healthy and strong.

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