Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood in my nail, by cuticle.?

I slammed a door on my finger and now there is blood by my cuticle inside my nail. It hurts sooo much!

I tried poking a hole in my nail.. but it didnt work out. :P

is there anything I can do?Blood in my nail, by cuticle.?
a friend of mine..had that happen to her..

its not a good idea to poke a hole in it..

because she did the same thing and ended up havin to go to the doctor n have an infection..and she was walkin around school with a hole in her finger..for a week..

im not really sure what u should do but i think its a good idea to get it check out just incase..Blood in my nail, by cuticle.?
don't poke a hole, it will only worsen the situation. just let it be. you don't have to do anything. just take some pain killers if the pain bothers you. after a few days, the blood clot will blacken and it will take some months to fully regenerate your nail. it will slowly be removed and replaced as your nail grows. just use black or dark nail polish so that it will not be obvious. hope this helps
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