Sunday, January 17, 2010

Could lack of protein cause my nails and cuticles to crack and peel?

I don't eat meat like beef and chicken. I do however eat fish and seafood.

I know meat provides protein that help build and repair nails etc. But the skin around my nails are cracking and peeling is that because of protein deficiency?Could lack of protein cause my nails and cuticles to crack and peel?
You really should see your Physician to have blood work to see if you are low in protein.

If you do not eat much meat then you need to obtain your protein from other sources like beans, peas, nuts, or maybe protein powder.

Protein is really necessary for many different functions in your body so if you are low you are hurting your body. On the other hand to much protein is a strain on your kidneys and is dangerous.

My sister became a vegetarian to cure her lupus but she ate dried beans, dried peas and nuts every day for two of her meals and fish only three times a week for one meal and she stressed her kidneys. After having a simple blood test and giving a urine test they showed she had way to much protein in her body. The doctor had her lower her protein intake and her kidneys recovered.

Another thing that you might be low on is Biotin. Biotin also helps give you healthy nails as well as healthy hair.

I really think you should speak to your Physician to see if your blood levels are correct on all your vitamins, minerals and protein.

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