Sunday, January 17, 2010

How can I help my 5 year old stop biting her nails and cuticles?

I used to bite mine too cuticles as well. But she has simply destroyed her fingers, they are sore and very unsightly and worst of all can be the breeding ground for infection. Is there something I can put on them that tastes bad or something?How can I help my 5 year old stop biting her nails and cuticles?
There is a product called alum powder that you can buy that tastes really bad, but is safe to use. We used it to help our daughter stop sucking her thumb. You should be able to find it at just about any pharmacy. We also used a reward system. If she didn't bite her fingers that day, give her a sticker and if she did, take a sticker off. Once she gets 10 or 20 stickers, she gets to go to the store and choose a prize. That is up to you, but it really motivated my daughter! Good luck, I know that is frustrating.How can I help my 5 year old stop biting her nails and cuticles?
There are products that will make her nails taste bad you could use those. You could also paint her nails and put decals on them. For my neice we promised to buy her a ring if she quit biting her nails. My best suggestion is to find out what is causing her to bite them and conquer that. I don't bite my nails often but when I do it is becaus of nervousness, anxiety, boredom, feeling awkward in a situation where I cannot interact etc...
My parents put bandaids around my little brothers fingers so he couldnt suck them. My cousin had to put gloves on her daughter (while she was at home) and tape them so she couldnt get them off. It broke the habit.
Good luck.

I didn't stop biting my nails until I got preganant and was afraid of toxoplasmosis. My mom didn't stop until she was diagnosed with cancer. Now my four year old has the curse.

Nail biter doesn't work. It just gets everywhere. Cups, food, gum.

One thing that detered me when I was younger was the bribe that I would get my nails painted if they grew long enough to see over the end of my fingertips.
Yeah that's what I was going to suggest, you can get something (I can't remember what it's called) to put on her nails that tastes really bad and will stop her. Or you could just paint her nails..that might stop her.
Try a product from Walmart called Hoof. Taste bad, price good. It's in the nailcare area.
I bite my nails too. I have a nail polish that is clear and dries matte that tastes AWFUL and makes it so I don't bite them. There are all different brands. You can probably get one at CVS.
I had the same issue when I was little. My mom tried all that bad tasting stuff and it didn't work. I just got used to the taste. So for my 9th birthday she promised me a ring if I quit chewing. She watched me for several months( I don't remember how long) and on my bday I got a really awesome ring. I haven't chewed my nails since but still chew my cuticles when I'm bored or stressed.

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