Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cuticle Repair After Stopping Nail Bitting?

I have successfully stoped bitting my nails for 1 month. The nails are quite good now but the cuticles are taggy and messy. Will they sort themselves out if I just leave them alone? If not what can I do myself to sort them out?Cuticle Repair After Stopping Nail Bitting?
Congratulations on stopping! I've been a non-nail biter for over a year now. I know how difficult it is to stop. I found that if I rubbed in cuticle cream and hand lotion as often as possible (especially before bedtime), it helped them become softer and then they just neatened themselves up.Cuticle Repair After Stopping Nail Bitting?
Firstly - Congratulations! As you now have some good nails, why not pamper them for a while. So that you will have nails you can really be proud of, visit a manicurist for a month or two, as she will set you on the right road to maintaining healthy nails for the rest of your life. If this isn't possible, help them by massaging a good cuticle cream into the cuticles each night; you will find one at your local chemists or beauticians, who I'm sure will advise you on the best one to buy. Well done!

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