Sunday, January 17, 2010

Extreme nail help? both cuticles/nail?

Ok my nails are beyond messed up. T-T

my nails chip really easily and they have these weird line scratches on them. there short and stubby too. can someone give me some home remedies please? i have a healthy diet, so you don't need to mention that. i don't put any chemicals to my nails if that mean anything,

Then my cuticles are all peely, and its all messed up and dry crackly looking. I need tips on to keep them healthy! :o

thanks~Extreme nail help? both cuticles/nail?
My mom started taking a vitamin called Biotin. It is specifically for skin, hair and nails. Her nails were always just okay, but now they are all long and even. She used to have some nice looking ones, but then she'd get a tear or split. They look so good, I figured what do I have to lose! I found a bottle of it at Target for less than $2. One tablet is 333% of the recommended daily dose, so it's not like I have to take 4 a day to get the suggested amount. So far, so good for me. I also agree with the other poster - use lotion every night. More often if you wash your hands a lot or use lots of cleaners/chemicals, like household cleaners, I mean. Unfortunately, I think part of the nail issue is just in our genes, and some people have it better than others! Good luck! Extreme nail help? both cuticles/nail?
use a moisturiser or nail oil on them everyday, even go and get a professional manicure to get them looking good and then you maintain them
try eating more omega 3's
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