Sunday, January 17, 2010

My nails chipped at the bottom (bad) and my cuticle is dry!?

how can i fix it?

i know there's some nail polish thing to make nails stronger but idk

my nails practically falling of from the bottom (thumb)My nails chipped at the bottom (bad) and my cuticle is dry!?
you might wanna gently tear it off, its probably the best thing to do.

if you use the nail polish, it may not work for awhile so tearing it off would be the easiest way.My nails chipped at the bottom (bad) and my cuticle is dry!?
Sally Hansen has little tiny round bottles of nail creams,

I've used one for cuticle and one for stronger nails,

If you put it on generously everynight for a couple weeks,

They do help.

And the sally hansen nail strengthener (NOT the nail POLISH, the clear strengthener) works too.
nail polish for stronger nails doesnt really help since the reality is that all nail polish makes ur nails weaker.

i remember when i got a buffer kit once, it came with cuitcle oil and a stick thing that helped push back the cuticles and revive them.
Have you tried saturating your nail with vaseline from bottom to tip? It has always worked for me either for chapped lips or chipped nails.

Just put vaseline on all you nails before you sleep, leave overnight and they should be fixed

i hope this helps ;)
You should keep them well oiled. I suggest vitamin e. You should take vitamin e orally and you should open a capsule and squeeze out some of the oil right on to your dry cuticles. Don't use harsh soaps. Try dove.
well i know you dont want to hear this but you probably need to take it doesnt hurt very long trust me my fingers have gotten infected because i ndidnt do i would always tear it off just to be safe
mine are like that too.

but theres cuticle cream %26amp; no-chipp nail polish.... those do work
pull it off.

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