Friday, January 15, 2010

In a nail salon: acrylic applied on the cuticle?

1:is ok

2:will lift off easily

3: should be avoidedIn a nail salon: acrylic applied on the cuticle?
Should be avoided.In a nail salon: acrylic applied on the cuticle?
It should be avoided, as it will cause the nail to lift.
1.Don't get it on the cuticle !!!!!

2.You'll have to file it off .

3. see 1.
Acrylic (or gel) should never come in contact with the skin. It will cause lifting, for one. And over time with repeated contact, it can cause contact dermatitis. And that is not a good thing to have. Also, you must be referring to the 'cuticle' area, because as part of the prepping process, the actual 'cuticles' are pushed back and removed. And if you get acrylic or gel on the nail folds, you are doing a very sloppy job in the first place, and probably need a real lot more practice to get it right. Plus, to those who said a 'gap' looks weird, when applied correctly, this 'gap' is hardly noticeable at all. A skilled tech will do it right, an unskilled tech will usually leave a noticable gap, or will have the acrylic all the way up, and onto your skin. Not very good to do.

Enough test questions, BTW. OK??????
They should not leave acrylic over the cuticle, it might cause lifting problems. If you have a Pink %26amp; White manicure (no polish) you can file it away on your own, but never go back to that salon. If they had someone new doing your nails, they should have someone experienced check them before you leave.
Should be avoided, apparently when painting your nails you shouldn't even polish on the cuticles you're supposed to leave a 'gap' (but it looks weird).
1. i have my nails done once every two months and they dont lift, and it shouldnt be avoided because it will look silly having a space on the nail. the nail salon staff will know what thye are doing they would of been trianed
Should be avoided

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