Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it bad to paint all the way to the cuticle when applying nail polish?

I always paint all the way to the cuticle and sometimes over it, but i've noticed that manucurists don't, they start about a milimeter away from the cuticle. Also on the instructions that came with a bottle of opi start to finish base and topcoat it says to start painting 1/32 inch away from the cuticle.

So is it bad to get nail polish on the cuticle?Is it bad to paint all the way to the cuticle when applying nail polish?
Hi yes it is bad, if you paint all the way to the cuticles you will 'flood' the actual cuticle which can cause damage, it won't seriously harm you if you get nail polish on your cuticles, but its always best to avoid, try painting one stroke down the centre of the nail and then a stroke either side. Hope this helps. xxIs it bad to paint all the way to the cuticle when applying nail polish?
I paint all the way to my cuticles and it hasnt hurt me yet.
yes....your cuticles need to breathe
Yes its bad to paint all the way or over the cuticle because the chemicals can harm your skin. Also it tears your cuticle as your nail grows
yes it is...I recommend tha you go ay least onec to the manicure and see how is the best way and you will learn how far you can paintr in the nail...Yes is bad you need allots practice...
I don't think so as long as you change your polish often and keep your cuticles cut back. mine are always painted I switch colors often to avoid staining and let them go natural for one day once a week.
I was always told the same thing but never told exactly why. I would assume that its so you cuticles are not smothered and can breathe, plus it looks better when you avoid painting over them. I've also noticed that my nail polish is more likely to peel at the base if I accidentally paint over them.
that's just for a neat edge. if you paint over the cuticle as the nail grows away from the cuticle it will pull the polish apart causing peeling. it's like a sealed edge when you skip the cuticle painting.
I wouldn't worry about it, I do it too.

But I wouldn't go over the cuticles.
Not only is it bad for your cuticles, it looks d@mn tacky
well,is it wrong to put your shoes on backwards,you figure it out its and individual thing.your smart I'm sure.....

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