Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nail/Cuticle Question?

Other than going to get a manicure every week, what can I do to get rid of cuticles. I hate them! I'm constantly cutting cuticles off and they sometimes bleed, because I pull them! :) I've tried those lotions that claim to minimize cuticles, but it doesn't work. Help!Nail/Cuticle Question?
push them back with a cuticle pusher every day or as needed. There is no proven lotion to work against cuticles. Please do not trim them though becuse you could get a nasty Staph infection which is far worse than cuticles.Nail/Cuticle Question?
If you get hemp oil for nails that is really good , u can buy it on, it's from Italian bath and body, I use it and it is helping my nails.

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ok what you do first of all, dont pull them!

yeah i have one too but if you just ignore them theyll go away, lotion helps too
heres a tip that is used very often for constant nail biters, you can use it for cuticles too, its where you spray or a liquid or lotion that will smell ok when you put it on, but when you bit it, it gives off a bad taste, this method helps people from biting their nails, they are so repulse that they dont bit their nails, as for fixing your cuticles, try buying tools for your nails, you get soo pre-occupied with what your doing that you forget abt the problem, if that doesnt work nor does the other method, this could be a bad habit, you may want to get counseling or research tips, ive been told that some girls thought it was just a fetish when they did the same thing but later turned out to be a obsession
you need a little bit of cuticle on there--it is a natural barrier to protect the nails

stop puling at them you can get an infection
push them down, it does not hurt and afterwards put the cream on. it works!

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