Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our nails grow fomr up or the cuticle skin area?

nails grow on fingers dont get onto that detailed mess! jus manicure em n thats it!Our nails grow fomr up or the cuticle skin area?
Your nails grow from the cuticle area up.Our nails grow fomr up or the cuticle skin area?
yes the nails do grow up from the cuticle.
Nails grow from the cuticle upward.
the skin area... dah
Our nails grow like anything else, from the root. The root is under the nail, under the cuticle area closest to the first knuckle. Under the nail is the nail bed, that the acutual nail lies on, (when you look at the nail, its the whole area under what you see)

I don't have my books anymore, but went to beauty college, and have in cosmetology since 1970. Anyway, the exact terms I may forget, but not the basics.

When you injure your nails, or have any sort of health problem, it will show in your nails. Same with your hair.

So in essence, our nails grow ';out';, when we trim them. we are trimming off the area past the fingertip, furthest from where they grow from. I hope this answers your question.

Im not going to give you more info than you asked for, but if you have other questions, either do a search on finger or toe nail problems or anatomy. OR, ask another question here, %26lt;G%26gt;


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