Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ripping/cutting nail cuticle..?

is it a bad thing to do? I usually do it til it bleeds at some point. Or even make it worse. I don't know why.. I've been doing it for years now. Is it a form of self-mutilization? If so, is there anyway I can stop it? Thanks.Ripping/cutting nail cuticle..?
i think you should refer your problem to the pharmacy, it hapend to me and then they gave me a medicine to apply on it after a few months its dissapearRipping/cutting nail cuticle..?
It's not very healthy, it creates an opening on your hands for germs to get in. You might want to try bandaging your fingers, or putting something over the cuticles that will remind you that you don't want to be doing that.
dont do it
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