Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why when i have false nails my cuticles go red, sore and itchy?

when i have false nails applied my cuticles go red, sore and and itchy why is this? i want to get false nails put on in a couple of weeks but i dont no what ones to get and which are the best. also this happens when i buy nail packs from boots e.t.c the gule doesnt agree with me ither, the only one i can use if applying them myslef is the one from h%26amp;m. please help me!!!!Why when i have false nails my cuticles go red, sore and itchy?
It does sound as though you are allergic to the glue. When you go to your nail salon explain what happens,. they may recommend fibreglass or gel (gel is weak - go with fiberglass or silk). I'm a nail tech and if I put acrylic on someone that was allergic to it (it's never happened) I would give them a full set of silk or fibreglass free of charge.

When putting on false nails yourself, try switching from the glue you get with them (in some cases this is just regular super glue) to fibreglass resin. It is specially designed for nails so you may have a better reaction to this.

When applying false nails - push cuticles back, dehydrate the nail with acetone, remove the surface shine of the nail with a very soft block, dehydrate again, then apply a thin layer or resin the the underside of the falsie and rock the nail onto the nail plate to prevent air bubbles.

Hope this helpsWhy when i have false nails my cuticles go red, sore and itchy?
you are allergic to the glue. try going to your local nail bar and asking them what they think and if they have any alternatives. they can also advise you on the best way to apply them.

i have a friend that is allergic to the regular formula of acrylic nails, but she has no trouble with the odorless kind. good luck.

hope this helps

you said it yourself it was the glue

you probably have an allergyic reaction.. or are applying ones to small and tight

try going to a nail salon and see what they think
You are allergic to them. Try taking an allergy tablet before you put them on and if it still goes itchy and red, go see a doctor.
glue. glueglueglue. :D
Reaction to Nail glue?

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