Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cuticle (bottom of inside of nail) is at tip of nail?

Yes i have a nail biting problem. I usually destroy my nails by biting to the point that they bleed, my cuticle is screwed up or i get ingrown nail(which i fix on my own very painful and stupid). but anyhoo i have a problem major time i just noticed that one of my cuticle is at the tip of my nail(and i cant fix because i bit my nail very short). so how can i fix it? i don't want the doctor or a manicurist to fix it because i cant afford it. so um is there anything to do for it?Cuticle (bottom of inside of nail) is at tip of nail?
try letting it grow

put some clear nail polish on it, better option

dip your hands cleaning products for awhile

or work on your car and just don't wash your hands well

anything that stays on your hands that way when you want to bit your nail you get the this great taste or terrible in your mouth and you wont want to bit you nails because they taste bad

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