Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cutting cuticles at nail salon???

I usually ask the nail technician to push my cuticles back... My cuticles look really bad and everytime i paint my nails they get all bunched up near my cuticles. I think they may be too long... Should i cut them? will it hurt? I heard that cutting cuticles are bad....Could i just cut them once and after just keep pushing back?Cutting cuticles at nail salon???
Never cut your cuticles. This is live skin that you are cutting and doing so breaks the protective barrier between the cuticle, and the nail folds. This makes a perfect entry way for bacteria to come into the body where it can easily spread and cause harm. Don't listen to these two. Never cut your cuticles. Push them back - gently, once a week and that is sufficient.Cutting cuticles at nail salon???
i cut mine all the time.

you can get a cuticle cutter from like.

the dollarstore.

i push them back when theyre wet then cut them.

It's better to trim them once in a while. Shoving them back isn't very good for you either. You'd be fine!

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