Friday, January 15, 2010

Help - Pain to my big toes on nail and cuticle.?

Last night I had this throbbing pain in both of my big toes right on the nail and cuticle area. Not on the sides where it could be an ingrown only directly on the big toes and right below where the cuticle is.

The cuticle looks a bit swollen and is darker in that area. I soaked both feet in hot water and espon salt last night and they still hurt.

I have been walking a few miles each day but this is no different than what I have been doing for a few weeks.

Thougths on what it might be and why its only my big toes (both of them).

Also, what else can I do for the pain besides soaking and Motrin.

ThanksHelp - Pain to my big toes on nail and cuticle.?
I am not a doctor, but sounds to me like it is a shoe problem. If you wear the same shoes each day when you walk a couple miles, it could be the shoe pushing against the nail. Even if the shoes feel large enough, the constant slight rubbing of the shoes against the nails could eventually cause your symptoms. I'd recommend to try wearing different shoes and see if it helps. If not, you should probably see your family doctor.

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