Sunday, January 17, 2010

My cuticles/nail beds are swollen, torn, and cracked, what could this be?

My nailbeds are huge, and make my fingers look ugly. Anyway, I thought I just had bad cuticles until tonight when my mom suggested I might have a fungal infection. My nails are fine, but they can be a little brittle. What could this be? And how do I treat it?My cuticles/nail beds are swollen, torn, and cracked, what could this be?
~ Drink OOOooodles of water... pee a lot... more water...etc. those nails cry of not being 'watered' enough.

~ When I don't drink enough, my skin around my fingernails crack... sometimes bleed... pain... the comes the Super glue on the cracks to allow healing while I get busy with the water intake... after 3 or so days on water replenishment, the Super glue wears off, and I'm ok again.

~ Yes, you may have to see your dermatologist for further diagnosis/prognosis... but try the water first.

~ Virgin Coconut Oil is also very helpful... I use it for almost everything... love that stuff... if smells great too... and they say it tasts good also (good for internal organs, etc)... but I'm not brave enough to try that yet.

~ Best wishes for a speedy nail-covery (recovery)... heheheMy cuticles/nail beds are swollen, torn, and cracked, what could this be?
I would see your doctor. It sounds like it may be a fungal infection... mom might be right! If they are brittle and your cuticles swollen it sounds like it is some sort of infection. But only a doctor can diagnose this. You can try over the counter meds such as anti fungal creams just to see if it helps. It could be just really dry skin too, Vitamin E liquid (usually found in health food stores) can help with that. If it is helping with the vit E then I would drink more water and eat more foods high in vitamins... A vitamin deficiency can also be the culprit. It is common to have nail and hair issues when someone is Vitamin deficient. You can pick up multi vitamins anywhere. So, choose what you want, but I would try to see a doctor first and see what he/she says. Good luck!
I highly doubt you have a fungal infection. Unless your actual nail bed is discolored or starting to become misshapen, it's most likely that you simply have dry nails. In the past, I always recommended a NATURAL oil to my clients - most lotions won't help, as they mostly contain mineral oil, which isn't absorbed by your body. Use a great cuticle oil like Creative's Solar Oil, OPI's Avoplex, or even plain almond oil from a health food store - some of my clients have actually used olive oil from their pantry and said it works great. For best results, use that oil twice a day - once in the morning, once in the evening, and stay away from products containing high volumes of alcohol (like hand sanitizers). When you wash your hands, try to use a heavy hand cream afterward.

Above all, remember that your nail bed must grow out to notice any permanent improvement. Whatever damage is done to your nails by dehydration will have to grow out. The oil will help keep it flexible in the meanwhile.
drying out probably use lotion and soak your hands in the tub if you take a bath.
This may be caused by dehydration in your body. Try drinking more water,and eating healthier, and you will see a huge improvement. Also try buying Cuticle oil. They help keep your cuticles growing,and will stop them from cracking,and drying up.

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