Sunday, January 17, 2010

Toddler picks my nail cuticles in order to fall asleep.?

my toddler has been doing this since an infant. She cannot fall asleep unless she is picking and almost cutting the skin around the fingers of whoever she is around. She does this for comfort as she also uses a pacifier. We have tried to get her to stop. I have to put bandages on my fingers to try to get her to stop, but she just keeps trying till she pulls of the bandages and goes on to pick my fingers, she has even made them bleed. Im sure this is not normal because it is hard to find info about on the net. Does this sound like early signs of OCD? Does it sound abnormal to you?Toddler picks my nail cuticles in order to fall asleep.?
It is probably just a habit she has picked up, and probably isn't OCD, but you should try and break the habit. Try everything! Putting on gloves, plasters, everything! If this continues, then you should go to your doctor just to explain the situation and he might do something to help. You must try to make her stop.Toddler picks my nail cuticles in order to fall asleep.?
no, kids pick up weird things.

when my sister was younger,

she wouldnt fall asleep unless

she was feeling on someones chin;;

haha sounds funny, she grew out

of that when she turned 8.

my nephew wont fall asleep

unless he's pulling my hair,

my sister is now 15 and there's

nothing wrong with her, my

nephew is also outgrowing his

habit, i hope it helps a little.
It is not abnormal, children find the wierdest thing to give them comfort! Im afraid the only way you are going to be able to do it is by saying no and keep moving your hand or let her carry on and hope she grows out of it eventually. Myself personally would do the no as it sounds very painful!!
It is a bad habit, give her a rubber ball to pick at instead. One that you use for stress.

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